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Re: ledger bindings

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Thanks, Jake. The Vaughan reference has proved very useful. I don't think
the example in the picture from the Digital scriptorium is a long stitch. I
thought it was a long stitch at first but I think it may have been sewn on
tawed split thongs first. Let me know what you think. You can almost see
the thongs or tapes which the first sewing has used (most visible on the
lowest sewing station where the cover and secondary band have come away
revealing the original/first sewing). The Vaughan reference has supplied
the info on how to apply the covering and/or secondary bands over the first
sewing. On my example the tacketing is done on the outside and looks like a
long stitch. The description of the binding in the picture says "narrow
strips of parchment used twice for binding reinforcement"

I am hoping with the help I have had from the list (thanks everyone) that I
can try making a basic model tonight and later on the weekend: find some
beautiful materials and try a better model.
Thanks again

At 04:59 5/12/01, you wrote:
>This example is very old.  It is basically a  limp vellum long stitch
>structure.  Pamela Spitzmuller at Harvard has done some presentations on
>long stitch bindings.  For some later styles of ledger binding, an excellent
>reference is the bookbinding manual by Vaughn.  It dates to the 1950's.  It
>had been reprinted in the UK, but I don't have a copy.  sorry for a general
>reply, but you may get more detailed information form some others on the
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