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Re: This Week's Chapter

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Jules Siegel wrote:
>Just great! What a pleasure!

Thanks, Jules.

LeeAnne Mallonee wrote:

>Richard, can you tell me how you did the "gilding" in photoshop? and
does it
>look reasonably metallic when you print it out?

I haven't tried to print it. This is an electronic version of the
book, and I just did this to make it look reasonably good onscreen.
The paper version is of course real gold. I suppose if a publisher
wanted to reproduce the book cheaply that might be an issue, but I'd
probably like to see it done the way George Braziller does the
illuminated manuscripts, with a separate printing of metallic ink for
the gold.

The technique here is to copy photos of gold leaf into the letter,
using layers so I can erase the gold around the outlines if it is the
interior of the letter, and copying the letter in a transparent layer
and floating it over the gold if the background is gold. Then I
flatten the layers and save as a jpeg.

I did a few more pages with this method this morning that are the
continuation from the chapter I put up yesterday. This chapter is
titled Murphy, Maggie, Molly and is at


The story is now continuous (and linked with "next page" at the page
bottoms) from the Introduction through Lunch Date. That covers the
period 1963 through 1974. The three other chapters now on the site are
discontinuous events in 1975, 77 and 84. I'm trying to get the other
five chapters scanned and up before Christmas. Then the entire book
will be online.

Once that's done I am making a CD of Minsky Online that will include
everything that is on the website as of the day I make it. At this
point there are over 230 pages on the site, with a total of about 800
files, including images and music.

This will then be a more archival version of the website, which will
only be up as long as I am around to pay the web host. Or until it's
blown up by terrorists. If I survive, I intend to issue an updated
disc at the end of each year. Next year's project will be adding
Minsky in London (1980) to the web and disc.

I will make an announcement when the disc is available in case anyone
wants a copy for themselves or their institution. They may be useful
for (mature) students as well as having some aesthetic and historical
value. I expect the cost will be about $15 including postage
(domestic), or $100/dozen. They will be signed and dated., but not a
"limited edition." They will not be identical-- each will have
whatever is on the web the day it is made.


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