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Re: ledger style bindings

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

>I am not sure about on-line sources, but in Bernard Middleton's
>History of English Craft Bookbinding Techniques, he discusses this
>type of covering under "Limp Vellum Covers," and one type of sewing
>which might have been used was called "tacketing." which is also
>disussed in his book.

Keith Smith in his Non-Adhesive Binding : Books Without Paste and
Glue also discusses some of these techniques in his description of
Long and Linkstich bindings.  Pamela Spitzmueller in particular has
taught many of these types of binding techniques in workshops, as
have others.

The best photo's and drawings I have seen of these types of bindings
historically is in  J.A. Szirmai's The Archeology of Medieval
Bookbinding, in his chapter on Limp Bindings.

In addition to ledger bindings, these can be called archival,
stationary or limp bindings.

There is a class being taught on this style of binding in the UK this Spring.

An Introduction to the History of Stationery Bindings
Public Record Office
Ruskin Avenue
Richmond Surrey TW9 4DU
March 14, 2002

     Fred Bearman
     Private Conservator, London

     Peter Whitehead, Senior Conservator
     Libraries and Guidhall Art Gallery

     Maria Hernandez

This one-day course will include new research on the history of limp
and semi-limp stationery binding structures from 13th century Italy,
and follows their structural changes as they spread through Europe.
Some of the variations of these types of bindings from the 15th
century will be explored and their evolution followed through to
the 19th century spring-back.  A slide show of Spanish wallet
bindings will conclude the morning session.  In the afternoon these
will be a demonstration of binding a 16th century stationery book,
followed by an illustrated talk of case studies discussing some of
the problems of preserving and conserving these books and their
bindings.  These will be a small display of relevant bindings from
the PRO's collection throughout the day.

     UKP75 members of the IPC before 18 January 2002
     UKP95 after January 18th
     UKP115 non-members before 18 January
     UKP135 after 18 January

Materials, lunch and refreshments are included in the cost.  Booking
forms are available from Leigh Lodge.  Confirmation of booking will
only be made on receipt of payment.

Tina Boyle
Institute of Paper Conservation
Leigh Lodge
Leigh, Worcester WR6 5LB
  +44 1886 8328323
Fax: +44 1886 833688

Good Luck!

Consuela Metzger
Instructor-Graduate School of Library and Information Science
The Preservation/Conservation Studies Program
The University of Texas--Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1276
(512) 471-8293
(512) 471-8285 (fax)

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