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Re: More about mouldy books

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Sorry, I didn't intend this for the list.  I was forwarding to my
friend who is a health practitioner who deals with people who have
become very ill and brain damaged from working with just such
chemicals.  I went through many years of being able to work only part
time and struggling with the health problems arising from working with
small amounts of chemicals. So--- my skin crawls when I hear what
artists subject themselves to without realizing the damage they are
doing.  I have had many friends die or become permanently disabled and
or brain damaged.

paper masks don't protect from this stuff - in fact most masks hold it
in longer.  Unless the air filters are properly placed they can
acerbate the exposure.

Sorry to get on my soap box but I was in the arts before OSHA was a
thought and there was very little information and certainly no
protection in the workplace.  We have come a long way in protection
for the workplace and schools but the only one you can count on for
your personal work is you and what you know.  Many items that are
allowed for sale to artists cannot be used in commercial workplace.
There is no one but you responsible to inform you how to safely do
your craft.

Didn't mean to open a can of worms with this but is too close to my
life experience.

>From: Sharon Henneborn <heneborn@EROLS.COM>
>Subject: Re: More about mouldy books
>Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2001, 11:42 AM
> This post was on this morning and I thought you might want to refer
> them to call and get info from the company as a possible safe
> alternative.  I am forwarding the answer that recommends a very toxic
> alternative.  It will make your skin crawl when you read the
> instructions to suck the toxic air out with a straw but "don't inhale
> it".

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