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...but what about book worms?

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 Ananova [site]:

Bookbinder wants his ashes kept in special book on library shelf

A retired Belgian bookbinder has made a book where he wants his ashes and
those of his wife to be put after they die.

He says he'll also put photos of them in the Memory Book so their
grandchildren will remember them.

Karel Storme from Ghent said: "I don't like the idea of being buried in
the cold ground with worms nibbling at my feet.

"When I'm dead I want to sit cosy and warm in my old library and not in an
urn on the chimney."

As well as space for their ashes and photos, there's also a description of
their lives.

He told Het Belang van Limburg: "I certainly want a CD in the book of my
wife playing the piano. If she dies before me, I can open the book and
play her CD.

"We're also leaving messages for the great grandchildren I'll never know.
The idea of being able to leave messages for people coming after me is
very strange."

Story filed: 11:20 Sunday 2nd December 2001


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