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Re: photo printing

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I've had some pretty good results printing photos on an HP LaserJet
5000. This is the first laserprinter I've used that I could say this
about. The 5000 is a true 1200 dpi printer and additionally is
adjustable for different weights and textures of paper. I've been
very pleased with prints I've made on Rising Stonehenge and Rives BFK
with it.

Laserprinted b&w photos are not as refined as a good inkjet print can
be, but with the right software and careful preparation you can get
some striking images, at least with the 5000.

>This may not seem off topic but it does relate to books.  I am interested in
>printing black and white photos on a laser printer--to be used in connetion
>with making a book. But I am not happy with the quality--very gray. I know I
>could go to a more traditional way of printing the photos but I am really
>interested in this technology for this project. I need to educate myself
>about this type of printing. Can anyone recommend a book or a web site that
>may help me with this? Or tell me of your experience with photos printed on
>the laser printer?
>Patricia Grass
Alan P. Hayes
Meaning and Form: Writing, Editing and Document Design
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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