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Re: slide scanning & output

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>1. At what resolution do I need to scan the original slide &/or what size
>should the file be?

As high as possible, since slides are so small. Most scanners are
not capable of high enough resolution, which is why there are
dedicated slide scanners available. They scan at something like
3600 dpi optical resolution (NOT interpolated).

You can scan slides on flatbeds, but only if you have a dedicated
slide scanning attachment, since that shines light _through_ the
slide. Normal flatbeds can only shine light _at_ reflective
surfaces. Some scanners do come with such an attachment - the Epson
Photo for instance, whereas others charge hundreds of pounds extra.

The size of the file is not the issue, its the resolution, which of
course does affect the size. If you are offered a resolution of
less that 3200 optical dpi, don't bother, unless your final slide
only needs to be low quality. I'm assuming you have a 35mm slide -
a bigger one would allow using less resolution, but bigger slides
are usually taken to ensure extra quality, not to be compromised
down to less.

>2. Are there other factors to consider besides resolution? How come one
>photo place charges $5 to scan the slide (resulting in a 31 MB file) &
>other places charge $30 & up for what seems like the same thing?

Probably because the $5 people have a cheap scanner, maybe even a
flatbed with an attachment. $30 sounds much more reasonable, and
should get you a professional quality scan with good colour
balance, on a proper slide scanner with excellent optics. Slide
scanners also make special allowances for the different
characteristics of slide colours. It's much more important to get
professional quality on slide scans, since slides can give far more
detail and depth in the shadows - which are exactly the areas where
mid or low range scanners are weak.

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