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Winter 2002 Classes at Hoyt Street Bindery in Portland, OR

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Bookbinding and Book Arts Classes at the Hoyt Street
1306 NW Hoyt, #406
Portland, OR

Winter Term 2002

The Painted Exhibition Book

In this class you will learn how to design and build a
painted book.  This particular book structure was
designed specifically as a way to effectively display
artist books in an exhibition setting.  The design
allows the book to stand open easily to any page, and
yet is a sturdy construction which allows for a high
level of finish.  In this course we will cover:
material basics, paper sizing and color treatments,
incorporation of your art techniques (painting,
drawing, collage, photography, etc.) into the book,
design, construction and finish of the book.  Previous
bookbinding experience helpful, but not required.
Instructor: Doug Shafer.

Thursdays, January 10 - February 14
(6 weeks)
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

To register, call 503-335-3974, or email

Book Design - Exploring Structures

An ongoing class for both beginning and intermediate
students, which explores the variations of book
structures.  Three or more book structures will be
explained and demonstrated each term.  Students will
have an opportunity to make one or more of each book
structures.  Discussions on the materials of
bookbinding and the design and history of books will
be part of the class.
Instructor: Andrew Huot

Wednesdays, January 9 - March 13
(10 weeks)
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

To register, call 503-244-5076, or email

Boxes and Portfolios

Learn the skills necessary to make three of the basic
structures used to protect books or prints: portfolio,
slipcase, and clamshell box.  Techniques of
construction and variety of covering materials will be
discussed and demonstrated.  There will be time for
students to practice their skills or create more
complicated structures.
Instructor: Andrew Huot

Mondays, January 7 - March 11
(10 weeks)
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

To register, call 503-244-5076, or email


Douglas Shafer has been an exhibiting artist for over
two decades, and his work is in various private and
public collections around the country.  He is
represented locally by Butters Gallery.  His focus
since the early nineties has been on artists books and
related artwork.  Numerous investigations into
materials, technique, design and book structures have
resulted in novel approaches to painting, designing
and constructing books which can be effectively shown
in the gallery environment.  He has taken various book
arts related workshops, and studied extensively with
book artist Timothy Ely.

Andrew Huot has been working with bookbinding and
artists books since 1990.  Since completing his degree
in Printmaking, he has attended workshops and
conferences around the country, working with
nationally known book artists and conservators.    His
recent artwork has concentrated on the structure of
the book and itís history.  Andrew currently does book
repair and restoration in addition to his artwork.

Feel free to contact us about availability or any

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