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Re: Perfect bound...

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

>I didn't catch the beginning of this thread, but in my experience,you also
>have the possibility of OTA binding, or lay-flat binding. A very durable
>method especially when binding coated paper stocks
>Paul Platosh

This thread began with Dave Allen's 12/12 post, subject "Publisher's Page
of Shame," with an URL to a collaborative list of new books (hardcover and
paperback) purchased by public, school and academic Libraries in the United
States that have fallen apart almost immediately upon release into
circulation. The list included publishers of these inferior books. Dave
defended Scholastic on the grounds that they were committed to getting
books into the hands of children at the lowest possible cost.

I was glad to see the list and to know that librarians as an organized
group are fighting against publication of shoddy materials.  When I was
involved in the repair department of our local community library - not a
public library - we did our best to repair such books. We had tried sending
them back to the source but didn't get anywhere. I will see that the people
there are aware of what other library's are doing to combat the problem.

Paul, please go to the LIST archives for Dave's post. Note that these are
commercial, not hand, bindings under consideration.

Nevertheless, I, and probably other listmembers, would like a description
of lay-flat or OTA binding.  Perhaps I know it by a different name.


Betty Storz
Bookbinding, repair, restoration
PO Box 542              storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA 95460     707-937-2202

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