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Handmade Book Cloth

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I have been experimenting with making my own book cloth. Mostly using =
some heavier Japanese cotton fabrics (yukata cloth). These are one- (or =
two-) of-a-kind covers for use with stab bindings. I would really =
appreciate your comments and suggestions:

1) I have been using PVA from Hand Made Books which is advertised as
   being acid-free, solvent free & water soluble. It tends to bleed=20
   through the fabric because it must be put on pretty thick to stay
   wet long enough to brush the entire sheet of backing paper. Nothing
   against Hane Made Books - I am a fan of their product line.

   Everything I read says to use wheat paste but I seem to have a
   mental block about it possibly disintegrating in the rain or from
   other external moisture. These books are used by pilgrims walking
   between temples in Japan and CAN get rained on.

2) My throat tends to swell and close up whenever I iron these fabrics
   and then use PVA paste. I do not know if this brand of PVA is like=20
   Jade 403 but I do remember reading about some possible health hazards
   associated with the use of Jade 403. Is there a conventional wisdom
   about using lots of PVA? I'm sure that wheat paste poses no health
   problems and maybe I'm just shooting myself in the foot using PVA.

3) I use the book cloth backing method described in Japanese Bookbinding
   by Kojiro Ikegami. It is involved but it's also authentic so I'd like
   to stay with it.

Thank you.

Bob Patterson
Portland, OR

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