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New Book & Paper Arts Magazine

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Dear Friends;

I would like to thank each and every one of you for displaying your
interest in our papers
and for supporting the hand-craft industry as a whole.

I am pleased to announce (and just plain THRILLED to share) my support
of a new arts
magazine that is dedicated to the Expression of Self.  I am honored to
have been chosen to
host my own bi-monthly column, "On Paper," starting with the March/April
2002 issue and
hope that you will all lend a critical eye to our publishing endeavor.
Our goal at Expressions
Art Magazine (www.expressionartmagazine.com) is simple:
To Celebrate Your Creative Spirit!  In each issue we strive to feature
the follow Handmade Arts:

- Calli-graphics (The Art of Calligraphy)
- Handmade Papers (studios that make, marble, etc their own papers)
- Book Arts
- Sculptural Arts
- Paper, Clay and Jewelry Arts

We also have a section where we will list your current events at no
charge so please send us your annual schedule for inclusion.

I have had the opportunity to share the news of this new publication
with many via
telephone, but would like to share a copy of the premier issue with each
of you as well.

>From now 'til the end of January, Enviropapers will send a copy of the
premier issue with
every order placed online at www.Enviropapers.com.  (To view our current
sale, please go to:
http://www.enviropapers.com/jansale.html.)  The wonderful 'thing' about
this new
magazine is that our focus is not simply on Paper Arts, but art in
general with an emphasis on
'how-to's that we hope will inspire the beginner, mid-level and advanced
artist in all of us.

I do hope that you will consider carrying this new magazine in your
respective stores, or
simply 'subscribing' so that you can add this wonderful newbie to your
book shelf of
wonderful & inspirational art literature.

We value your insight and knowledge for our new magazine as we know that
it will not just
help us, but also inspire us to be different, creative and ultimately
your #1 source for
art inspired writing, technique and imagery.


Bobbi Richards
"On Paper" Editor, Expression Art Magazine
mail to:  c/o 624 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA  92054

Expressions does provide a monetary payment for 'how-to' articles - to
find out more, please send an inquiry to expressionmag@yahoo.com

For "On Paper" (my column) the focus is on art in practice.  I will be
traveling and interviewing a number of artists and while there is not a
monetary payment involved with this particular section of the magazine,
artwork is juried for inclusion.  I welcome the opportunity to learn
more about artists who make a living based on their handmade trade and
possible feature your work in an upcoming issue.  If you own or operate
a hand-craft studio, please contact me off-line (Bobbi@enviropapers.com)
so that I can email my schedule to you.  My column is intended to
highlight and share your skill with others and I welcome the opportunity
to meet with you.

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