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printmaking position listing

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Hello everyone,
I wanted to post the below info  from our job board in regards to our
search for a printmaker here.

Those interested can find more information about the school on the web site  at
http://www.scad.edu.  We're looking for candidates with a
demonstrated ability combine digital and traditional processes moreso
than an effects wizard.  So a working knowledge and use of
input/output resolutions, screening,  gamma manipulation for color
separation and  transparency production, etc.

Also the school has just acquired a campus in southern France and
I'll be going there next spring quarter to  establish the print
studio and  to get those and other classes started at that site.
Faculty members from all areas of the college will have opportunities
to spend a term teaching courses there in several disciplines.

If anyone wants more info  about the print position you can contact
me off-list at yleonard@scad.edu.
The departmental website is in the works and should be up in the next
couple of weeks or so.

regards, Yvonne

Professor of Printmaking
Seeking a well-rounded printmaker to teach digital and traditional
printmaking processes within a growing program. Requirements include
an M.F.A. in printmaking, three to five years of college-level
teaching experience, and evidence of engagement in contemporary print
issues. Must be able to teach all levels of digital and photographic
processes as relate to the traditional print matrix including but not
limited to plate lithography, photo-intaglio and polymer gravure.
Candidates should possess a strong working knowledge of digital
processes including Photoshop, Pagemaker and/or QuarkXPress. Should
demonstrate a willingness to develop the use of these processes in a
program that houses both photographic and Mac labs within the
printmaking facility. In addition, candidates should have a thorough
knowledge of traditional printmaking processes including intaglio,
stone and plate lithography, relief and monotype and the ability to
teach these processes in individual or survey courses as required.

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