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Re: Edge gilding of books

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Ok, I'll never laugh at an artesian again! :-) this is work!

The paper I'm using is that from a new bible. I figured a new book would
be appropriate for a beginner to cut down on the variables. It is a high
quality paper, but rather thin. I have a number of private books that I
wanted to guild, but I wanted to get it down before I attacked them.
I do remember it getting slightly warm while sanding, but not very hot.
That is certainly an issue I need to look at. The sander at least has a
built-in vacuum so dust is minimal though as Richard pointed out, I may
not be cleaning it well after the sanding. I was using a drafting brush
to wipe the dust off, but a vacuum is a better idea.
I didn't know about the talc rubbed into the cushion so that is an
issue. one other thing I noticed is that the gold tends to wrinkle up
when I use a "slight sawing" motion to cut it. I assumed that this was
part of the problem where the gold was adhering to the knife.
The powdered chalk is purchased from a local art supply store. It looks
to be very fine, but I don't really have a reference on that. I might
try the water color idea that Richard proposed though. I'm going to
order some Armenian Bole from Talas too.
This is the fourth go round on this particular book edge. Is there a
danger with the liquids on the edge so much? When not satisfied with the
edge, I sand it off and start over. Is there a beter way to recover from
error? I tried laying down a second layer over the mottled one with very
unsatisfactory results.
I also liked the paper backed gold idea. Any ideas on suppliers for this

Thanks for the help!

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