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Advice greatly appreciated

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  I'm a fairly recent graduate of a MFA program, and
about to launch myself into the endeavor of putting
out limited edition books, of various flavors. The
basic idea is to offer titles via the Web and, as
ordered, print and hand bind them. Since I'm not
aniticipating huge initial demand, hopefully this will
be feasible. I've talked to a few people doing this
sort of thing and it seems pretty feasible, and I'm
excited about the prospect.

  My big question, and what I would greatly appreciate
advice on, is that I'm about to purchase a laserjet
printer, and not sure how much printer I actually
need, especially when just starting out. Quality is
important to me, and I'm not looking to do cheap,
print-on-demand knock-offs. These will be good books,
by good authors, just not printed in bulk quantities
or otherwise mass-produced. Because I'm not planning
on producing a huge number of copies, printing speed
isn't so important to me. For obvious reasons, duplex
printing capability is something I want. A few people
have told me that a HP 4+ (or equivalent 600 dpi
printer of whatever make) will be fine for what I'm
planning, and the quality will be good. Which sounds
good, but I'm also not afraid to spend a little more,
to bump up to 1200 dpi, if the end product will be
that much better. My main concern is that I don't want
to skimp initially and save a couple hundred dollars,
only to find myself a few months later wishing I'd
bumped up to a better printer. But then, if a simpler
solution will provide what I'm after, there's no
reason to spend more on bells and whistles, if they're
truly not necessary.

  That's my basic story, and I'm mainly looking for
advice from people in the field, who have done this
sort of thing, as far as what you'd suggest to someone
starting out. Thanks so much for any help.


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