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FW: Purgatorie Pie Press visit to Cincinnati

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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From: Katie Harper <knharper@fuse.net>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:46:35 -0500
To: CBASall
Subject: FW: Purgatorie Pie Press visit to Cincinnati

As part of the "02txt: celebrating the visual word" symposium at the Art
Academy of Cincinnati in February, there will be visits and workshops by th=
founders of Purgatorie Pie Press (see below for additional information).

CBAS members will have an opportunity to hear them on Friday, February 22
when they give a talk at the downtown public library from 7:30-8:30pm. CBAS
members are also invited to join them for a no-host dinner afterward, TBA.

For additional details, please contact Jane Merks or Peter Bartl at

Dikko Faust & Esther K Smith
19 Hudson St #403 New York NY 10013 212-274-8228

Dikko Faust started Purgatory Pie Press in 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin =A0by
pieing an overfilled case of 8 point Century Oldstyle metal type. =A0He spent
days and nights for a month sorting it. =A0

In 1980 Dikko Faust and the Press married Esther K Smith and the E K Smith
Museum (a museum of found art, including the Apron Collection).

In New York City, residing at the Center for Book Arts, Purgatory Pie Press
=A0published yearly dateBooks, collaborated with =A0other artists and writers t=
make books, and produced a =A0postcard subscription: =A0=A0monthly letterpress
limited edition collaborations with 12 artists/year for 10 years. Purgatory
Pie Press moved to an independent studio in 1987. =A0Since the end of the
postcard series in 1991, the Press has produced subscription series of
Artist Tracts, Artists Coasters, and is now working on PurgaToys. =A0=A0

As students, both Smith and Faust studied William Blake1s artist books =A0in
London at the British Museum Reading Room =A0(where they were kind enough to
let us touch Blake1s actual books) . =A0Other influences/ forebears include
Iliazd, El Lissitzky and the Futurists for typography, =A0Duchamp and Dada fo=
concept and attitude, and Claes Oldenburg for fun. =A0

International museums collect Purgatory, =A0including: MOMA, the Whitney,
London1s Tate, Cooper-Hewitt, Getty, Brooklyn Museum, Corcoran, San
Francisco MOMA, Walker(MN), Spencer(KS), Sackner Archive, New York Public
Library, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Purgatory Pie Press has had retrospective exhibits at the rare book
galleries of the Metropolitan Museum and London1s Victoria and Albert,
=A0Harvard University, Smith College, and HarperCollins Gallery In New York
City. =A0

In 1999, San Francisco1s Center for the Book showed Postcards from
Purgatory, an exhibition of Purgatory Pie Press subscriptions and small
works. =A0

Fall 1999, Long Island University1s Selena Gallery mounted the exhibiton,
Artists in Purgatory of the Press editions with a group show of other works
by the collaborating artists.

Contemporary luddites, at Purgatory Pie Press we specialize in handset wood
and metal typography
and hand-sewn bindings. =A0Faust experiments with letterpress as an art/
printmaking medium to edition =A0pictures. =A0Smith edits, art directs, and
designs the text, concepts and book structures.

LETTERPRESS IT. =A0Our restrictions? =A0type height and paper grain. =A0=A0

We always bite off more than we can chew. =A0=A0

We teach at Cooper Union and City University of NY; also at Women1s Studio
Workshop, Manhattan Graphics Center, Center forBook Arts, and Penland
(scheduled for Aug 2001).

We travel as Visiting Artists, making collaborative artistbooks projects in
universities (RISD, NMSU, KU, Windsor, Wayne State) =A0and artists1 spaces
=A0around North America. We also arrange private lessons and project
consultation in our studio.

To support the Press, we also do graphic design and custom letterpress
printing, and bookbinding. =A0=A0We have been cited as making the way-coolest
wedding invitations in New York City. =A0=A0This ephemera is available to
collectors by yearly subscription.


02TXT - a celebration of the visual word
a series of exhibitions at the Art Academy of Cincinnati
February 15th to March 8th 2002

co-curators Peter Bartl and Jane Merks

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