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Book Arts in Italy

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I am new to this list and still feel new to the book arts world
generally, but am enjoying my artistic explorations.  Am
contemplating a trip to Italy and would like to incorporate some
hands-on study and exploration of things "book."  Through the good
graces of Peter Verheyen found the archives to this list and am
including below a short compilation of what I've found, including
some notes from list members.  If there are other resources folks
would recommend or if some of the programs on this list are known to
be particularly good or bad, I would welcome an e-mail.  I hope this
compilation helps some others.



Festina Lente: a new shop/gallery opened on Via della Condotta near
Piazza Signoria. They sell various paper related works including a
small collection of small press and one of a kind artists' books.

Biblioteca Laurenziana (attached to the Church of San Lorenzo) often
has shows which pull from their very strong collection of illuminated
manuscripts and incunabula. While there, take time to see the library
containing the original chained book shelving/seating and
Michelangelo's stunning architectural design and staircase.

Zecchi's:  on Via del Studio near the Duomo sells wonderful marbled
papers by local artisan Carlo Saitta.

Cartoleria Tassotti: on via dei Servi also near the Duomo. Printed
papers using 19th century Remondini designs

Il Scriptorium : on via dei Servi also near the Duomo (Next door to
Cartoleria Tassotti) selling leather bound journals, agendas and so

Santa Reparata Graphic Art Centre: printmaking, papermaking and
drawing courses and workshops

The City and the Book: International Congress; September 2002, 2003

Giulio GIANNINI & Figli, Piazza Pitti, 37r, Firenze
This is a respected firm established in 1856. I have a catalogue with
lovely examples of their work in the 1986 exhibition held at the
Palazzo Strozzi. Mr. Enrico Giannini seems to be the present day
artist-craftsman par excellence and an administrator of the GIANNINI's.

The Contemporary Art Museum Luigi Pecci in Prato (half hour by bus
from Florence) has a good (though not too large) collection of
artists books dating from about the 1960's. They are especially
strong in the area of Italian book artists. They do not have a
permanent exhibition of books, but
you can call ahead for an appointment and they will pull things for you to see.


Scuola Internazionale di Grafica is an independent center for the
Visual Arts with courses in Printmaking, Book-Arts, Graphic and Web
Design, Painting and Drawing.

Art gallery and store of sculptor Livio De Marchi. Address is
Salizzada San Samuele, San
Marco n.3157/A. He works in wood and a good deal of his subject
matter are books.

Legatoria PIAZZESI, S.Marco S.M. del Giglio 2511c   Venezia  Tel/fax;
041 5221202
This bookbinding and decorated paper place was established in 1900.
The previous proprietor, Ms. Bos, had told me that for some of the
decorated papers they actually use wood blocks circa 200 years old


University of Georgia arts program in Cortona offers papermaking and
book art courses in the Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters.


Corso Magenta  31, Milano   Tel. 02 86450090
Signor Angelo Marchesi heads the family business. It is a pleasure to
see what they do and how well they do it.


Centro del Bel Libro, Ascona, Switzerland. A short train ride from
Milan via Chiasso, Lugano, Bellinzona to Locarno and then a few
minutes on the tram or bus. They have a design binding program taught
by Edwin Heim, a School for Book Restauration taught by Julia
Puissant, at least she was there a few years ago.

Studio of Roland Meuter, another fine binder who worked with Hugo
Peller and I think took over his studio/married into the Peller
family. They're right around the corner, almost and also sell some
great hand binding tools. Their contact information is:
Passaggio San Pietro, CH-6612 Ascona
Tel und Fax: 091 791 13 34


Montefiascone 2001: The Conservation Project of the Library at the
Seminario "Barbarigo"
Three week course in medieval book restoration (July- August)


An eight-day workshop with Alessandro Zanella at his private press
Ampersand in Santa Lucia ai Monti, Valeggio sul Mincio, Verona,
Italy. May 26 through June 2, 2002. Participants will collectively
produce a 12-page pamphlet that they will handset and print on
dampened handmade paper on an 1854 Stanhope handpress at the
Ampersand studio. Decorative elements will be printed from
photopolymer plates which will be made in the workshop. The
participants will sew the pamphlet into wrappers. One day will be
devoted to a field trip to libraries and private presses in Verona.


Miliani Paper Mill / Museum of Paper and Watermarks
The largest paper museum in Italy.


Archivio: to see the Biccherna account book covers

Piccolomini Library in the Siena Cathedral. They usually display an
impressive sampling of their illuminated choir book collection.

Monte Oliveto Maggiore: an abbey home to a center for book restoration


The Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Food for Body and Soul: A Book Arts and Fine Dining Tour of Italy
While you can't go on the tour this year - they do have their
itinerary on-line, which may offer some ideas.


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