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Davey Board - Binders Board Survey

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I received this message from Bob Muscat, Director of Marketing at Rock-Tenn
which owns the Davey board brand... He's pulled together an online survey
form which can be filled at

I'm not receiving any compensation from, nor have any ties with, Rock-Tenn,
but feel it important that we as end-users take advantage of any
opportunity we can to express our needs to our suppliers. Davey is one of


I am Director of Marketing for the Rock-Tenn Company in Atlanta, GA. Although
you may not know Rock-Tenn, we own a company formerly known as the Davey
which has manufactured a specific type of book cover board since 1842.

I have a dilemma. I'd like to once again use the Davey name in the book and
binder trade, particular on the archival side, but it's difficult to understand
what people associate with the name. I'd like your input, if I can be humble
enough to ask. Basically,

- what associations do you have with Davey (what comes to mind? Quality?
Flatness? Durability?)
- are you aware of how cover board is made? Are you aware of how Davey cover
board was made? Do you care as long as it meets the goal you want?
- what associations, if any, do you have with Red Label (a former Davey brand)?
- if a family of products bearing the Davey name were to be introduced (durable
acid free, medium weight, lightweight) all bearing the Davey name, would that
contradict any feelings you currently have?

I know this is a burdensome request, but any help is appreciated. If there are
others you know in industry who might be able to "opine", please forward this
email to them with their input returned to me at rmuscat@rocktenn.com. Thanks
for the help.

Bob Muscat
Director of Marketing

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