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Workshop / Lecture hosting opportunity

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Received the following and passing it on. All contact information is in the
message. Please contact them directly if you might be interested in having
this person come. Do not reply to the list. They are not subscribed.


>a_Name:  Claudia Dajer-Crockett
>b_Email:  catamarca@aol.com
>c_Comments:  I belong to a family which for five generations had been
>inmerse into this rare and unique art of the manual confection of
>books.  Currently, Felix A. Riveros, Jr., my uncle, is the only one who
>keeps this tradition alive, not only in my family but in the whole country
>of Argentina.  For forty six years he had been in this field -forty of
>them working alongside with his father Felix A. Riveros-accumulating an
>extensive curriculum, which it includes the crafted confection of a book
>for the Prince of Wales.  Quality of materials and detailed work had been
>a permanent caracteristic of Riveros' work, putting the Encuadernacion
>Riveros at the top of his competitors leaving them the only one who
>survived through the years.
>I would apreciate any information that you can provide me to be able to
>invite Mr. Riveros along with his expertice to present work shops and
>exhibitions in the USA.  It is also important to notice that a translator
>and/or interpreter would be a must.  I hope people of this country can
>take advantage of his talent and years of experience.  Please feel free to
>email me to answer any questions you may have.  Thank you,
>Claudia Dajer-Crockett
>Walnut Creek, California

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