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Re: bonding titanium to binder's board

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We have done a variety of metal inlay bindings over the years. Various
metals to various substrates. If you are binding to board any of the metal
epoxies will do. You have to worry less about contraction and expansion than
moisture (like in a humid climate) penetrating the board and weakening bond
of something other than an epoxy based adhesive. The rule of making
everything reversible here goes out the window. We have found metal epoxies
to be best.

If the area of coverage by the metal is to be large (over half the board)
you do have to worry about warpage. Metal is far less forgiving that
leather. It needs to be balanced by having as your board a "two ply" board
of two thinner boards glued together with the grains in opposite directions.

Foremost the metal needs to prepped before application. Steel wool it with
00 steel wool and then finish up with acetone or one of the metal etching
solutions commercially available.

If you are going to go metal on leather then both the leather and metal need
to be prepped. Metal the same way - leather with acetone in the area you are
going to apply the metal to. This tends to remove any "finish" or wax that
has gone onto the leather so be sure to screen the area of leather
surrounding it with a plastic cut out or apply carefully with Q-tips or the
like. It sort of opens the leather up and makes it accept the glue better.

When applying metal to leather you can use either a metal epoxy or a
silicone based glue.

A note to the wise. All of these things have varying degrees of toxicity and
need to be used with the usual precautions. Good ventilation (outside if
weather permits) and gloves. The results are superior but use sparingly and
be friendly as possible to the environment.


Kurt Klappenbach
Loud Creek Books & Bindery
P.O. Box 8120
Bangor, ME   04402-8120


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