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           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

This is a call for entries for the 5th Annual BOOK EXPLORATIONS  an
international, juried, handmade  artist's book exhibit  "The Quest for
Meaning" which has an entry  deadline of March 20. The opening day gala
will be held on Saturday, March 30, 1-4 pm at the Yankee Barn Gallery of
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA.

Mary McCarthy, the well known Boston book artist and teacher, co-author of
the popular "Making Books by Hand - A Step-By-Step Guide" will serve as
juror as she did at the very first BOOK EXPLORATIONS exhibit in 1998. Other
past jurors
include Jim Reid-Cunningham, Pamela Spitzmueller, Anne Anninger and The New
Art Forum Coordinator, Lilla Ford. Each year entries are received from
throughout the United States, from Canada, great Britain and Australia.

Three $100 cash prizes are given for each of the following categories:
artistic creativity; structure,imagery and content; and, excellence in the
printed book.

The exhibit is held in the stately  renovated  1809 1 1/2 story Yankee Barn
Gallery, receives wide press coverage and is open for special viewing by
groups, classes and individuals by appointment as well as 1-4 pm Saturday
and Sunday through April 7. Books will be returned as soon as possible
after April 10.

 Directions: entries must be sent in a remailable container with return
postage; include a check for $16 made out to The New Art Forum; a
biographical and an artist's statement; photos for press releases
(optional); a signed and dated memo  stating  " The New Art Forum, the
owner of the Yankee Barn Gallery, volunteers and viewers connected with
BOOK EXPLORATIONS  2002 will not be held responsible for loss or damamge."
(Insurance is the responsibility of the book artist if they so wish.)

Gloves are provided for viewers - not only as a precaution but to help
educate viewers about the  fragility and value of the handmade book.

Send a stamped self-addressed envelope to  Lilla Ford if you  wish to have
a printed entry blank mailed to you.

snail mail:  BOOK EXPLORATIONS, Box 52, #228 Main Street, Kingston, MA 02364 USA
email:  BOOK EXPLORATIONS <dherlihy@tiac.net>
phone: 781-585-5622

NOTE: Weekend and 3 and 4 day workshops in the book arts and fine arts are now
being scheduled for spring and summer.  Excellent  teachers, creative projects,
great camaraderie and food, tourist area...always a good time had by all.
The schedule will soon be released to the internet and the mailing lists.
Send your email and snail mail addresses for further information.

BEST of luck in all that you endeavor  !!

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