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Montefiascone 2002

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Montefiascone is a medieval walled city on Lake Bolsena, about half way=20
between Rome and Siena. Each summer conservators, librarians, art=20
historians, archivists and others interested in the structure and history=20
of the book, meet to participate in classes, which are held within the=20
walls of the city. The summer 2002 programme is as follows:

Week 22-26 July

Cheryl Porter

Making the Colours used for Painting Medieval Miniatures.

This course will examine the history and usage of the colours used to=20
illustrate medieval text. What colours were used to make these tiny=20
paintings and what factors have influenced their longevity? Earths, organic=
colours and mineral pigments will be studied and participants will paint=20
out a sample chart of these pigments. No previous experience is needed.

Week 29 July - 2 August

Robert Child

Environmental Control in Libraries and Archives

Archives and libraries deteriorate because of the conditions in which they=
are stored. Conservation is wasted if environmental conditions are not=20
provided to extend the life of the object for as long as is practicably=20

This course will examine the parameters that cause the deterioration of=20
library materials, and look at the practical ways of monitoring and=20
controlling them. It will look at surveying and assessing buildings for=20
their suitability as libraries, and how improvements can be made.

In particular the course will cover the amelioration of direct damage=20
caused by poor climatic conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, light,) and=
concomitant damage from mould, insects, storage materials etc.

This course will be of interest to librarians and archivists, as well as=20

Week 5-9 August

Anthony Cains

A Miscellany of Conservation Techniques:

This course will be based upon some of the innovative techniques developed=
by Anthony Cains whilst working at Trinity College Dublin and previously.

Subject to sufficient time, the following are examples of topics that will=
be addressed:
Needle drill making.

Needle drill usage for board attachment, endband repair and spine sewing=20

Parchment repair using the flange technique.

Designing modern book boards for the re-binding of manuscripts.

Cabling thread and cord - how and why. (Robert Espinosa method).

Sewing exercises to demonstrate the different properties of structures, and=
the benefits of expertise in sewing.

Students will be advised to bring some tools, although this will not be=20

Week 12-16 August

Dr Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

The Romanesque Book Structure:

Romanesque books will be studied largely by the making of a model. The=20
model will have wooden boards and students will be shown how to use all of=
the tools in its making / manufacture. The process involved will be given=20
an historical context, and the course will be illustrated with 35mm slides.

In addition, the scholarly aspect of book structure history will be covered=
with a discussion and demonstration of book surveying for historical and=20
conservation assessment. This work will partly be based on the survey=20
presently underway at St Catherine s Monastery in the Sinai, a project in=20
which both tutors are involved, working with Dr Nicholas Pickwoad.

It is hoped that librarians and archivists will find this course as useful=
as conservators. Students will be advised to bring some tools, although=20
this will not be essential.


Cheryl Porter studied conservation at the Camberwell College of Arts and=20
Crafts and worked at the University of London (UCL) Paintings Analysis=20
Unit. She was a Research Fellow at UCL History of Art Department, working=20
on medieval pigment identification and the technique of their application=20
to parchment. She is a freelance conservator and consultant, specialising=20
in early pigments. She has been a director of the Montefiascone Project=20
since its inception in 1988.

Robert Child is Head of Conservation at the National Museums and Galleries=
of Wales, where he specialises in the care of collections. He is Adviser on=
insect pest control to the UK National Trust, and is a consultant on=20
environmental and biological control internationally.

Anthony Cains was apprenticed to the London trade bookbinder E A Neale Ltd=
(1954) and studied at the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. He=20
was awarded various prizes including the Harrison Memorial Prize in 1957.=20
He studied under many distinguished bookbinders including Bernard Middleton=
and the late William Matthews, who subsequently recommended him to Dr=20
Sidney Cockerell at Lechworth (1961-5). He worked for a short time in the=20
HMSO British Museum Bindery (1965) before establishing his own workshop at=
St Albans. He volunteered for salvage work in Florence following the flood=
of 4th November 1966 and was later appointed Technical Director of the=20
conservation system set up in the Biblioteca Nationale Centrale with the=20
support of the Art and Archive Rescue Fund (UK) and the Committee to Rescue=
Italian Art (USA) 1967-72. In 1972 he was invited to design and establish a=
workshop and laboratory in the Library of Trinity College Dublin. He has=20
contributed articles to The Paper Conservator and New Bookbinder and taught=
and lectured in Ireland and the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

Nicholas Hadgraft has a PhD from the University of London on the subject of=
15th century book structures. He is a qualified librarian with an MA in=20
Historical Bibliography. After working at the British Library, he worked as=
Conservation Officer for college libraries within the University of=20
Cambridge for fifteen years. He trained as a manuscript and rare book=20
conservator with Christopher Clarkson and is currently working in private=20
practice and as a Research fellow of the London Institute, working to=20
preserve the collections at St Catherine s monastery at Mt Sinai.

Jim Bloxam is a Senior Book Conservator in the Conservation Department at=20
Cambridge University Library, working on early printed books, manuscripts=20
and archives. He is an Accredited Conservator/Restorer of the Institute of=
Paper Conservation and has an Honours Degree (First Class) in Art History.=
His particular research interest lies mainly in the history of books; their=
structural qualities and cultural context. He has taught for the past four=
years at the Montefiascone Summer School Library Project.

COSTS: The cost of the course is =A3345.00 per week. This includes all=20
materials and tuition, which is in English. The programme is a non-profit=20
making project, and any extra moneys are used to buy materials for the=20
library, archive and their collections.

Participants may stay in a house within the city walls, close to the main=20
square at the centre of town. Bedrooms are shared (maximum four people to a=
room) and the accommodation cost is =A310.00 per person per night. If=20
preferred, accommodation can be arranged at a local hotel.

Classes are from 9am to 1-1.30pm. Participants may take the opportunity for=
private study in the afternoons, though many prefer to spend the afternoons=
taking advantage of the spectacular setting to swim in the local clean,=20
huge volcanic lake, or to explore the town - with its Romanesque and late=20
medieval architecture and friendly inhabitants.

We are close to Florence, Siena, Rome, Orvieto and other areas of historic=

For further information contact:

Cheryl Porter. 7 Venice Lodge. 55 Maida Vale. London W9 1SD. England

Tel: (44) 20 7266 0505

Fax: (44) 20 7266 0697

email: chezzaporter@yahoo.com


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