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WOID #VII-7. West of Davos

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Call her Inge. She's a researcher at a South German university, doing a
census of medieval manuscripts in local collections. A few years ago
she was in Chur, Switzerland. One evening, in her room at the inn, she
heard a knock at her door: "Open, Police!"

It was a brutal knock and a vicious tone. Through the door, Inge
said: "I won't open until the landlady tells me." At once she heard the
landlady screaming, "Open up! Open up, Communist! Terrorist!" She threw
up the latch, and as she did the door was kicked in, throwing her back.
Two cops rushed in with machine guns, one shoved her against the wall
while the other kept his gun on her. "You will tell us why you are
here," one said. "I'm a paleographer," she quavered. The other
tightened his grip. "Honestly," she said. "I examine Medieval
manuscripts." There was a silence. "Call the priest," she said. "At the
church. I was there this afternoon." Cop number one turned on his
heels. Cop Number Two kept his gun on her. Downstairs there was a phone
conversation, then Number One came back, saluted briefly and walked
out, followed by Number Two.

Inge was still shaking as the landlady came back in. "I'm so sorry,"
said the fawning [Re]publican. But you must understand, you are a
woman, alone, and you were reading a book..."

Paul T Werner, New York

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