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call for submissions -dog eared magazine

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

dog eared magazine, a journal of book arts, is currently seeking
submissions of articles and artwork for upcoming issues. For more
information or guidelines, check out our web site, at

Issue Six: Miniature Books. Books of all kinds are sought, but all
books must be under 3 x 3 inches! We're looking for bookbinding
how-to articles with a slant toward the mini book, any kind of art
books (of course) and wearable miniature books. Deadline for article
queries: February 15, 2002. Deadline for artwork: February 28, 2002.
Deadline for articles: February 28, 2002. Deadline for ad
reservations: February 15, 2002. Deadline for ads: February 28, 2002.
We're running a bit late on production of Issue Five: Zines (typical
for an issue about zines, don't you think?) so, have extended these
deadlines. Note the new dates!

Issue Seven: Pop-Ups and Sculptural Books. Books that are either
depend on the third dimension for their construction (such as
sculptural books or sculptures made out of books) as well as the
traditional pop-up or tunnel books. Short or in depth articles about
how a certain book was made, how to articles, sample art books, and
short artist's statements are welcome, as well as more general
reviews on galleries, shows, shops, or products of interest to the
book artist. Deadline for artwork: May 15, 2002. Deadline for article
queries: April 15, 2002. Deadline for articles: May 15, 2002.
Deadline for ad reservations: May 1, 2002. Deadline for ads: May 15,

Issue Eight: Ancient Books. Artists' books inspired by classical
bookbindings, as well as how-to articles that focus on the early
traditions of book arts. Recreations of these traditional
bookbindings as well as books with a contemporary slant are all ideas
that would be welcome additions to this issue. Instruction and sample
books using traditional materials as well as books or articles about
using contemporary substitutions for traditional materials such as
leather, ivory, vellum, etc, are also sought. Short or in depth
articles about how a certain book was made, how to articles, sample
art books, and short artists statements are welcome. As always, we're
also looking for shop, product, book and show reviews. Deadline for
artwork: August 15. Deadline for article queries: July 1. Deadline
for articles: August 15. Deadline for ad reservations: August 1.
Deadline for ads: August 15.

Questions and queries can be mailed to me, at kerrie@dogearedmagazine.com.

Make more books,

dog eared magazine
a journal of book arts

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