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Re: Preparation of Armenian Bole

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Brother Paul has the right of it; we have argued off-line in the past
(and will no doubt do so again in future - yet we have also agreed, both
on- and off-line, so there you have it.)

My posting did mention that white lead should be approached with caution,
but to characterize it as 'extremely dangerous' overstates the case somewhat.

Once it has been mulled into combination with the other ingredients it
loses some of that property, in that it is no longer susceptible of
being blown into the air and inhaled.

I have been dealing with poisonous materials, in and out of the lab, for
more than 40 years, since the time I was a flagman for a crop duster who
dispersed DDT over wheat fields, and remain to tell the tale.

There is some useful literature.  Michael McCann's book, _Artist Beware_
should be on anyone's shelf who handles potentially hazardous raw material.

A more interesting read is Bernardino Ramazzini's book (orig. pub. in
1713 as _De Morbis Artificum_, but available in modern translation/reprint)
_Diseases of Workers_

One can skip right over Chemists, Apothecaries, Cleaners of Privies and
Cesspits, Corpse Bearers, and proceed right on to Scribes and Notaries,
and Grinders of Razors and Lancets.

The question also allowed me to make a shameless plug for a videotape
which I've produced.

But I, also, digress.



p.s.  Kurt Wehlte's book, _The Materials & Techniques
of Painting_ (1975)  has a recipe for "Gilders' bole" under the
head of "Water Gilding":

"The gold grounds on ancient panels were based on a textile covering
that was glued to sized supports...."

"45 grams Marseilles soap
"25 grams pure beeswax
"20 grams deer tallow
"10 grams spermaceti
"3000 grams bole"

p. 614

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Portland, Oregon USA

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Chaucer  _Parlement of Foules_ 1386

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