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Re: Weird titles and repair

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   I am bending this thread a bit, having spent several days repairing some
unspeakably awful (construction, not content) Turkish books that arrived
broken and had to be repaired before they could go to the open stacks.  This
got me thinking of Paul's recent reference to Rabalais.
   To keep myself from slashing my wrists as I worked on these miserable
objects, I amused myself by thinking of titles for a book on the topic of
repairing/preparing poorly constructed books to get them to the shelves for
patrons to use briefly before these materials spontaneously self-destruct.
Since I am a medievalist in my other life, I was reminded of the turn of
phrase used by the Church when it turned over heretics and other
unfortunates to secular courts for execution (since the Church was not
allowed to perform capital punishments).  So, here is my candidate for the
title of this yet-to-be written handy library reference
    "Relaxed to the Secular Arm: Preparing and Repairing Inferior Quality
Materials for Library Use"
     I am open to suggestions for other possible titles.

   On a more serious note, I would also be interested in any tips people
care to share about dealing with this sort of item.  I start off with a
contribution of my own.  I have found that the best adhesive for paper
repairs to newsprint type paper is spent wheat paste mixed with thick methyl
    Wishing you all nothing but high quality books,
      Dorothy A.

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