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Re: Help with formatting

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A while ago I was looking for something like this.
One program that showed promise was called ClickBook. I don't recall where I
found it, but with a name like that it should be easy to find with Google.

It had one problem at the time, though, that discouraged me from using it:
ClickBook works by creating a new printer, intercepting the output file, and
reissuing the output to the underlying real printer. The problem lies in the
fact that the formatting program (e.g. Word) sees a printer with all the
characteristics of the original printer, including its hard margins (areas
near the page edge where printing is impossible). Word is reluctant to let
me try placing running text in these (apparent) unprintable areas, unaware
that because of ClickBook's mapping these will end up in a perfectly
printable area in the middle of the sheet. This made it a nuisance to have
text or a graphic run right into the gutter (binding) of the page.

With a sufficiently new version of Word, I could have forced text to the
edges of the pages by placing it in page-sized text boxes (which *are*
allowed to exist outside the printer's hard margins without warnings), but
that has its own drawbacks.

ClickBook also quizzes you regarding layout each time you print to it; there
seemed to be no way to have completely automated printing.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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> > I'm new to posting and I need some help with document formatting to be
able to
> > print a book text from a MSWord document.  Does anyone know of a program
> > way
> > to set up a document so that it prints 8 page signatures on landscape, 2
> > per side of paper?  I can set up word to print 2 pages side by side, but
> > do I
> > get the page order correct????
> > Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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