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Summer Book Program in Burgos

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Purchase College, part of the State University of New York, will be offering
an 8 or 9 credit undergraduate Summer program in Book Arts and Spanish
Language in Burgos, Spain during the Summer of 2002. It will be taught by
Phil Zimmermann, book artist and Associate Professor of Design and Book Arts
at Purchase College, SUNY.

Approximate dates for the course will be June 28th to August 3, 2002. This
may vary by a day or two either direction. Exact dates will be set within
the next couple of weeks.

It would be appreciated if you would post or announce this information to
your students, or forward this email to anyone you might think be

The 5-week program, which qualifies for most student loan programs, consists
of morning classes in artists' books and an afternoon session in Spanish
Language classes at whatever level the student requires. Airfare, housing
and meals are included and there are field trips to Barcelona, Bilbao (to
see the Gehry Guggenheim Museum), and Madrid.

A description of the Book Arts class from last year's program (it is
essentially description this year, though we will add field trips to some of
the great libraries of the area) is at:


Burgos, a beautiful city of 180,000, is located in north-central Spain, at
the center of a region crowded with sites of historic and artistic interest.
Students will have access to medieval cathedrals and libraries, churches,
castles and monasteries, as well as all the amenities a clean, safe, and
well-run contemporary city can provide. Near the major wine producing
regions Burgos boasts a distinctive cuisine and has many modestly priced
restaurants. It also has vibrant nightlife, picturesque locales, and modern
recreational facilities. Burgos is also about two hours from the capital of
Madrid, one of the world's most exciting cities, and from resort areas along
the Atlantic Coast, making it an ideal home base for short excursions.

Founded in 884 as an outpost to stop the northern spread of the Arabs, the
city's humble beginnings as a fortress started on top of a hill that now
overlooks modern downtown Burgos. Looking around the city, one might see
hikers with scallop shells hanging on their packs, a symbol of Pilgrims on a
journey to Santiago, where legend has it the Apostle James is buried. Burgos
has been a stopping point for these pilgrims for many centuries due to
ancient trade routes and its strategic location between Santiago and the
rest of Europe.

For more information please go to:

For more information, you can also contact or call:

(914) 251-6550
or Fax:
(914) 251-6559
or e-mail: gari.laguardi@purchase.edu
(or Gari LaGuardia at burgos@purchase.edu)


Philip Zimmermann
Zimmermann Multiples and Spaceheater Editions
6455 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck NY  12572-1353


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