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SLIDE LECTURE: "THE MEDIEVAL SCRIBE" with STAN KNIGHT, Society of Scribes and Illuminators, London, England - St. Louis, MO

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with STAN KNIGHT, Society of Scribes and Illuminators, London, England
Friday, February 22, 2002
7:30 pm
St. Louis Artists' Guild
Oak Knoll Park
Clayton, MO 63105
Free and open to the public

The Saint Louis Calligraphy Guild is pleased to bring Stan Knight to St.
Louis for a slide lecture, "The Medieval Scribe." Hundreds of thousands
of books were written by hand during the medieval period. The makers,
whether monks, nuns, or secular scribes, were professionals. They worked
to the highest standards, and today's calligraphers can learn a great deal
from them. This slide lecture investigates the way they ruled the pages,
mixed the inks and colors, cut quill and reed pens, wrote the text, and
even how they corrected their mistakes!

About Stan Knight: Stan Knight has been a Fellow of the Society of
Scribes and Illuminators of London since 1964. He studied calligraphy,
lettering and bookbinding as a full-time student at Leeds College of Art
with Thomas Swindlehurst who, in his turn, had been a student of Edward
Johnston at the Royal College of Art in London. Stan was appointed
chairman of the SSI for the three-year term 1979-1982, and was editor of
their journal _The Scribe_ for six years.

Stan's work has been reproduced in many of the major calligraphy
anthologies, and he has exhibited widely in Britain and the USA, in
Europe and Japan. A revised and expanded second edition of Stan's
highly-acclaimed palaeographical survey _Historical Scripts_ was
published by Oak Knoll Press in 1998.  For the comprehensive volume _The
World's Writing Systems_, published by the Oxford University Press in
1996, he contributed a major article on the "History and Development of
Roman Scripts." Stan also collaborated with John Woodcock in the
calligraphic manual _A Book of Formal Scripts_, published by A & C Black
and David Godine in 1992. In preparation is a study of the Codex
Sangallensis in Switzerland.

Until his relocation in the USA, Stan Knight was on the faculty of the
School of Design in Kingston-on-Thames and of the City & Guilds School of
Art in London. Most recently, he was a faculty member of Cornish College
of the Arts in Seattle, teaching lettering and typography. His freelance
work encompasses illustration, graphic design, and typography, as well as
lettering and calligraphy.

Saturday & Sunday, February 23-24
9am - 4:30pm each day
St. Louis Artists' Guild, 3rd floor studio, Oak Knoll Park, Clayton, MO 63105
For registration information, contact Erin Davis at 314.935.5583 (w) or
e-mail her at Erin-Davis@library.wustl.edu.

Batarde is a stylish and elegant gothic bookhand which originated in
Northern France in the late fifteenth century. It was a very popular
script among the wealthy patrons of Flanders, who commissioned numerous
luxury manuscripts written in this aristocratic hand. It derives from
cursive scripts of the period, combining elements of gothic strength and
italic flair. The Batarde script provided the basis for many early
typefaces in France and England, including William Caxton's edition of
_The Canterbury Tales_ printed in 1483. Edward Johnston's famous
"Gothicized Italic" was derived from a hand such as this.

In this class we will examine a high-quality facsimile and enlargement of
a fine historical example of the original fifteenth-century Batarde
script. From that analysis we will develop a refined modern version of
this hand, and much consideration will be given to the design
considerations for this script. Batarde is a very appropriate modern
decorative script for titles, logos, certificates, and awards and it also
works well as a not-so-rigid gothic bookhand, especially in
densely-packed text blocks.

THE SAINT LOUIS CALLIGRAPHY GUILD is a not-for-profit organization
founded in 1980 to encourage cooperation and communication among
calligraphers and strives to expand the awareness and appreciation of
calligraphy through lectures, workshops, and exhibits.

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