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more book workshops

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Zea Mays Printmaking, located in beautiful Western Massachusetts will =
also be offering an Artists' Book Workshop this summer, along with other =
wonderful workshops in printmaking and papermaking.  You can visit the =
website at zeamaysprintmaking.com, although the summer schedule isn't =
posted yet.  To receive a brochure, e-mail your name and address =
off-list to liz@zeamaysprintmaking.com.

July 15-19            Monday-Friday            10am - 4pm
Artists' Books|
with guest artist Sheryl Jaffe and resident artist Liz Chalfin
$400 + 50 materials
Artists' books are unique works of art that use the idea of a book as a =
jumping off point for a work of art that can be narrative, sequential or =
randomly linked.  This workshop will begin in the Rare Book Room at =
Smith College where we'll have an opportunity to look and handle many =
inspiring artists' books from their collection.   We'll discuss =
different types of book structures and different ways to approach the =
open-ended idea of an "artist's book" with curator Martin Antonetti.  =
We'll return to Zea Mays Printmaking and begin exploring printmaking =
techniques such as monoprints and linoleum block.  Each participant will =
develop their own idea for an artists' book and will create the book =
with the skilled assistance of book artist Sheryl Jaffe and printmaker =
Liz Chalfin.  In addition Sheryl will teach several types of bookmaking =
techniques, including: accordion fold, Japanese stab bindings, and =
pamphlet stitch.  You'll come away with a unique "livre d'artiste" and =
the skills to continue making artist's books on your own.

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