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           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Dear artists,

Prints for the American Print Alliance Memorial Portfolio are arriving in a
steady trickle, but there should be a flood! The councils have asked to
extend the deadline as much as possible, so here are the new dates:

(a) Mail your entry by March 15 to your council's collection center -- see
the address list on our web site.

(b) Or bring your entry to the SGC conference in New Orleans and drop it off
at the registration table on Wednesday afternoon, April 3, or Thursday
morning, April 4.

(c) Or, if you're a 2002 subscriber to Contemporary Impressions or sending
your subscription with your entry, mail it by April 4 to our office --
American Print Alliance, 302 Larkspur, Peachtree City GA 30269-2210

If you don't have time to cut a block or etch a plate, won't you pull a
monoprint next time you're in the studio? Work into a section cut from a
proof or enlarge a detail from a snapshot! We can include almost any
original 2-d work on paper, including original inkjet prints, photographs
and ink or pencil drawings, but the paper size must be 10" high x 8" wide.
PLEASE read the instructions at
www.printalliance.org/exhibits/sept_11_memorial/memorial_portfolio.html --
everything is the same except the deadline -- and print the submission form.
(If you can't access the web site, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
the Alliance office and we'll mail you a copy.)

There are about 5,000 artists in the American Print Alliance. But, we won't
have thousands of artworks for the Memorial if everyone leaves it to someone
else. We need you to take part! The promise of displaying such large numbers
of prints (like the Ljubljana and other international biennials) opens a
whole new set of venues to us. And any one work is still seen by more people
than it would be in a small exhibit because so many more attend the big
events. Names of all the donating artists will be listed on our web site and
every image shown on the site will be captioned. This Memorial can show the
country and the world that artists are not a selfish elite. Indeed, we can
show the families and friends of victims that we care and we can help many
communities see the arts as part of their lives.

If you've read the journal, seen an exhibit I've curated, talked with me at
a conference, you know that I'm passionate about prints and a stubborn
advocate for artists. So, even if you don't have any other reason for taking
part in this Memorial, please do it for me.
Thank you,

Carol Pulin, director, American Print Alliance
non-profit consortium of printmaker's councils
302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269
www.PrintAlliance.org, director@printalliance.org

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