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Re: 18th Century Bindings Question

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Hi Anne,
According to The book, _The Bookbinder in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg_ one of the Williamsburg Craft Seres I got when visiting there a number of years ago, "There are 5 most noticable characteristics of books bound in the 18th century ...in England's North American colonies"
"They are bound in leather, with brown calfskin predominent;
Their Spines are crossed by a number of horizontal ridges;
The title (abbreviated) usually appears in gold leaf on a small panel of colored leather glued to the spine and sometimes the author's name, too;
The spine may also bear a moderate amount of decorative gold tooling; and
The sides of the volumes, where visible, are likely to display "blind" tooling, which means ornamental indentations in the surface of the leather, made without gold leaf"
Hope that helps.... It was written, by the way, by Thomas K. Ford with the help of master bookbinder, C.Clement Samford.
Dave Allen
At 10:53 AM 2/14/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, folks. We are looking into the possibility of using a
>period-appropriate hand bound book in lieu of exhibit labels for a portion
>of our exhibit "Gatherin' Together: Scotch-Irish Lifeways in the Carolina
>Piedmont 1740-1820". This will be a cabin home with part of the floor and
>hearth extending beyond the barrier so visitors may sit on a bench and feel
>as though they are really inside the home, browsing through a ledger of
>sorts. My question is, what kind of binding would be appropriate? The text
>will be hand written in copperplate, a la Bickham (in my dreams!) on hand
>made paper. If I could get away with a marbled paper cover, I could cobble
>it together myself. If not, we're looking at contracting out. Any
>information will be cheerfully welcomed.
>Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
>York County Culture & Heritage Commission
>4621 Mount Gallant Road
>Rock Hill SC 29732-8666
>803-329-2121, ext. 104
>Fax 803-329-5249

Dave Allen
Beddall Bookbinding
840 Snowdrop Avenue
Victoria, BC V8Z 2N4

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