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Re: sources for specially-grained goatskin

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When I made custom orders (some years ago through Bookbinder's Warehouse),
Karen Crisalli always said to allow at least three months for preparation of
the skin AND delivery to her.  I believe she said her orders were sent
surface, which means by water to me, and that is slower than we've come to
expect.  From mid-November to mid-February is "just three months".

Perhaps the problem is in the understanding by the person taking the order of
just how the system they are using works, assuming that it hasn't changed.  I
always tried to talk with the OWNER of the business, if I could.  Karen was
very knowledgeable and helpful when she ran BB W'house, and Cindy is also
knowledgeable and helpful about her stock and procedures.  But you gotta talk
to the right person, and you gotta ask the right questions.  Add to
that--being on the west coast means most everything you need isn't nearby.

Eugene, OR

bill cotter wrote:

> >
> >Does anybody know of a US retailer from whom I could order
> >specially-grained
> >(i.e., straight grain, pigskin, etc) goatskins BUT who doesn't get those
> >skins from Hewit in England? I ordered a custom skin from Hewit (through
> >Bookmakers) in the middle of November and was told to expect a
> >four-to-six-week wait, but alas! So far, no goatskin, and no info as to
> >when
> >it might arrive. I've got a seriously pissed-off customer. It's too late
> >for
> >me to turn to another vendor this time, but I'd like have an alternative
> >for
> >the future. Any reliable sources out there? Thanks, Cory
> >
> >              ***********************************************
> Hi Cory,
>    Even though they're not US, you might try Shepherds
> in London (order a catalogue  via shepherds@bookbinding.co.uk)--
> they sell French straight-grain goat and some very user-friendly
> Brazilian vellums..
>    I'd like to toss in a good word about Hewit's---I find them
> to be superior in service, speed AND price (even considering
> customs and shipping!); if I place orders to Hewit's and Talas
> on the same day, I usually get Hewit's first.
>    Perhaps the holdup is using Bookmakers as a proxy?
> Bill Cotter
> Milou Bookbinding & Conservation
> 927 East 46th St. # 202
> Austin, TX   78751

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