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Re: printing on plastic?

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In a message dated 2/14/02 1:48:12 PM, knharper@FUSE.NET writes:

<< The only solvents I can think of that would help with a photocopy transfer
are very strong and highly toxic and if that is not enough to scare you,
they would probably melt the plastic.  >>

Here is a method printmakers use for transferring a photocopy image that
might be helpful. The photocopy must be black and white and recent. Gently
rub the toner side with gum arabic (use your fingers). As the gum adheres to
the toner, you will feel the image become more distinct in quality - slightly
raised, bumpy, a little tacky. Wipe the excess solution off with a damp
sponge and then roll up the image with ink (can be colored ink, not
necessarily black), keeping the image damp between passes with the brayer. If
some areas are stubborn to ink up, rub a bit more gum arabic into them and
try again.

This is not an exact science, but when the image looks full (the dull toner
will be replaced by the sheen of ink), the inked image can be transferred to
another piece of (good) paper via an etching press. A press gives the best
transfer, but you could do this by hand as well. Though you can only get two,
at most three, impressions from this method, if you have the capability in
terms of equipment and materials, you could transfer the image to
lithographic transfer paper first. Then, by transferring again to a stone or
plate, you could conceivably make a full edition from your original
photocopied image. Barbara Harman

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