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Re: Hewlett Packard printers

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.


The significant difference with Epson inkjets is that they use a
print head technology that results in a permanent print head. HPs and
other printers replace everything when the ink is replaced. With
Epsons, what the ink squirts out of stays put in the printer, only
the ink reservoir is replaced. This opens up the possibility of
making and using a variety of inks without having to manufacture
print heads, something beyond the capabilities of anyone short of
large electronics manufacturers. Thus most of the innovation with
these printers seems to be centered around Epson. The market, mainly
photographers,  for permanent high quality inkjet printing is
definitely a niche market, of little interest to the manufacturers of
what are essentially cheap mass market devices.

The biggest advantage of the Epsons for book makers is that you can
get the price per page way down by buying bulk ink from third
parties, and that you have some choice as to the qualities of that

>I am about to purchase a new printer, and have followed discussions of the
>Epson C80 and 2000P with interest.  I wonder though about the Hewlett
>Packard CP 1700.  I like the idea of the individual ink cartridges and am in
>need of the wider printer.  (This one is 13" x 19").  To date I have found
>no user reviews on line, and would really like to hear from others who have
>used this printer -- or avoided it, for whatever reasons.  Also, is there a
>supplier of archival ink for this printer?  (I see lots of listings for
>Epson, not HP.  Should this be telling me something?)  And, to perhaps show
>my complete computer illiteracy, why would I want PostScript?  Thanks to
>Martha Hall
>76 Dipper Cove Road
>Orr's Island, ME 04066

Alan P. Hayes
Meaning and Form: Writing, Editing and Document Design
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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