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New NEDCC Conference

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

The Northeast Document Conservation Center Presents

Off the Wall and Online:

Providing Web Access to Cultural Collections

May 30-31, 2002

If you have time for only one conference this year, opt for Off the Wall =
and Online at The National Heritage Museum (formerly The Museum of Our =
National Heritage) in Lexington, Massachusetts. This cutting-edge =
conference from the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) in =
Andover, Massachusetts is designed to serve institutions that are =
digitizing or planning to digitize collections and also those who simply =
want to make their Websites more interesting. As the emergence of the =
World Wide Web has made the world smaller, museums and their online =
audiences have grown tremendously. This event will address the questions =
and challenges facing both large and small institutions that are =
undertaking digitization projects and putting images from their =
collections online for educational purposes, research, and public =

The NEDCC conference will bring together museum educators, technical =
experts, and administrators to discuss the new access opportunities as =
well as often perplexing issues of quality versus cost and longevity of =
the digital files. A keynote address by Beverly Sheppard, Deputy =
Director of IMLS will focus on outreach to diverse communities. New =
evaluation data will be presented to help define the online audience and =
determine what sorts of programs are most effective in engaging this =

Topics will include:=20

- The Changing Role of Museums=20

- Attracting Visitors to a Website

- Cooperating to Build Virtual Collections

 - Reaching Out to Diverse Audiences

- Designing a Website

 - Quality of Scanned Images=20

- Web-based Education=20

- Image Capture for Preservation & Access

The conference will be held on May 30-31, 2002 at The National Heritage =
Museum (formerly The Museum of Our National Heritage) in Lexington, =
Massachusetts. A National Museum Leadership Grant from the Institute of =
Museum and Library Services (IMLS) supports this high-profile event. =
IMLS is an independent, federal, grant-making agency that fosters =
leadership, innovation and education learning through museums and =
libraries. Co-sponsors are the New England Museum Association and The =
National Heritage Museum. NEDCC also receives financial support for its =
field service activities from the National Endowment for the Humanities =
and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Registration information is available on NEDCC's Web site at =

or contact Ginny Hughes at ghughes@nedcc.org=20

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