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Boundless Concertina book information

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

For everyone who asked, here is the information on my book (plenty of copies
left, since I make them as they are ordered!). I am afraid I forgot to
include the Vade Mecum instructions for the most recent books I sent out. If
you didn't get these and do still want them, let me know. Barbara

Unbinding the Book: The Boundless Concertina, by Barbara Harman, is published
under my imprint, Paperworks. It is an accumulation of seven projects, a
short introduction and detailed instructions on how to fold a concertina. It
includes suggestions for variations on each project, and many illustrations
(created with Adobe Illustrator). A few pages scattered throughout the book
allow for personal notes. The book is currently two signatures of 5 sheets
each (40 pages), size is 8-1/2x5-1/2" and it is bound with a paper cover.
Here's the table of contents:

How to Fold an Accordion
Eight-Page Fold Book
Accordion Envelope
One and Two Signature Books
16-Page Meander
Flag Book
Carousel or Layered Star Book

Additionally, since this is a work in progress, I have a single, folded sheet
giving instructions for a Vade Mecum (not strictly an accordion book, but
definitely a fold book). While I have had for years ambitions to create a
larger version of this, the time never actually appears in which to do so.
But your interest has woken the beast again so I may have to buckle down and
get it done. In the meanwhile, the current version is $10.00 plus a $2.00
postage and handling charge. Anyone interested can send me a check at:
Barbara Harman, 3316 Harriet Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

And gee, thanks! Barbara

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