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Re: Bookbinding for teens, etc

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Hello Anna,
I live in NH too -- Lakes Region and might be interested in assisting.
Please contact me off list to discuss this further.

I posted to the list as there may be others interested in the following
information.  Susan Gaylord http://www.makingbooks.com/  has been making
books with children as part of curriculums for quite awhile.  She's in
Massachusetts.  She has taught in more than 400 schools! I know her only via
the net but she has been very helpful.

Best Regards,

on 2/20/02 4:29 PM, Anna Birch-Queen Oscar Designs at queeno@NH.ULTRANET.COM
> Hello,
> I am from NH and am interested in occasionally working with groups of people
> (teenagers, younger kids, adults, seniors, etc.) with fun and simple
> bookbinding techniques.   I own a business making blank journals and
> greeting cards, etc-- and so have a lot of extra materials, papers, plus a
> great desire to get out every now and then and be with others (ok-- I'm a
> total extrovert trapped in an introverts trade :)
> I've co-lead a couple of groups like this for children in the past year,
> but would like to do more- learn more,  and be able to offer more.  (I plan
> to buy Barbara Harman's book for ideas, (yes, Barbara, another order) and
> take some bookbinding workshops -thanks to the list for these!!)
> If you are aware of approachable people or organizations who do this kind of
> work--anywhere in southern maine, NH or the greater Boston areas--and might
> like a volunteer/assistant every now and then--let me know.
> Also- if you have other ideas or resources about simple bookbinding with
> groups, please email me (on or off list-)
> thanks so much.
> Anna Birch
> Queen Oscar Designs
> www.queenoscar.com

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