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Re: Tipping In

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Right now I am removing letters of this sort from a scrapbook--they were
tipped with gluestick of some kind.  Most of the letters have important
signatures on them, and I expect they will be sold for their value as
autographs.  However, they were stuck into the album for safekeeping and for
looking at.  Now they have to come out (at some expense!).  As the same thing
might well happen to those that Mr. Roberts' is putting into a book, I think
I'd recommend cutting angled slits in the page paper and slipping the corners
of the letters into these slits.  Or use photo corners as suggested by Eric Alstrom.

Eugene, OR

Bob Roberts wrote:
>          >
> I'd asked about tipping in: perhaps a bit more detail is in order.
> I've been given the job of taking 200 letters (all on "stiffish" half-sheets with the grain going the wrong direction) and turning them into a book, which must also be large enough to include a larger letter from the President. Needless to say, nobody wished to trim down the white house stationary or to fold it. So, a book larger than the dimensions of most of the letters is called for.
> I've bound a blank book; 400 pages of Finch Natural Vellum, a lightweight text paper. I then cut every other page out roughly 1/2" from the spine, leaving a solid spine, but room to tip in 200 letters. Experiments with the materials leave me troubled that wheatpaste (my preferred tipping adhesive) causes the letters to swell, and to swell wavily because of the grain direction. I'd like another solution that remains long-lasting in all the right ways but that is less moist.
> Any great ideas? "Reversible" PVA? Every page pressed? (Awkward with the foredge starting out 200 pages narrower than the spine)

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