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French Binders and Printers

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I was in Chartres in June last year and met a young bookbinder named Sebastien Lefebvre.  He has a
small bindery called Atelier de Reliure at #2 Rue du Bourg (very close to the Cathedral - phone
02-37-90-33-89).  He speaks only French.  He was doing blank journals and some rebinding and
restoration work when I was there.

In Paris I enjoyed a visit to Relma, a binding supply company in the Latin quarter (3 rue des
Poitevins) and their framing business across the street.  They have an excellent range of decorative
and marbled papers, binding tools and equipment, leather and more.  They do mail order as well, and
will provide you with a catalogue on request.  Some of their staff speak English.

Kathy Hamre
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

> Subject: French Binders and Printers
> Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:02:21 EST
> From: Windowpane Press <InkdArt@AOL.COM>
> Hello Lists.
> I am doing something entirely out of character.... which is to begin to plan
> in advance  a trip I am taking to France in April. I will be visiting (for
> the second time) the Museum of Printing History in Lyon but I wondered if
> anyone has any friends in the bindery or printing trades anywhere else in the
> country who would welcome a visit from a fellow craftsman. My daughter lives
> in Grenoble and we will also be travelling to Paris and Chartres.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bonnie Thompson Norman
> The Windowpane Press

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