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sad news

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I have copied this from an annoucement sent out by Ken Frazier, director of
UW-Madison's library system. Please write to me off-line if you need more

With great sadness we must tell you that Bill Bunce,
longtime director of the Kohler Art Library, died suddenly
this past weekend at his home in Brodhead, which he shared
with his life partner, Gordie Morey. Bill had worked for
the university for four decades; he was 65.

He established one of the premier book arts collections in
the country. In reference to that collection, Bill had been
scheduled to talk on Thursday, Feb. 28, as part of the
Friends lecture series "Artists' Books." His talk was titled
"Sandboxes." Although other speakers were scheduled to make
presentations that evening, the program has been canceled.

Bill touched many lives. Just this morning, Max Yela, head
of Special Collections at the UW-Milwaukee's Golda Meir
Library, wrote, "I remember Bill as warm, generous, urbane,
witty, and delighting in the vast beauty of the world. He had a
keen intellect, and was tremendously supportive of artists
of the book throughout his career and in his retirement."

Bill was a student of philosophy and art history at the
UW-Madison in the late '50s, and earned a library science
degree in 1961. As a student, he worked shelving books in
the Memorial Library Circulation Department.

He headed the Kohler Art Library from 1966 until his
retirement in 1999. After his retirement, he was named
assistant professor emeritus.

Bill's contributions to the university, its libraries, and
its students are hard to quantify. He designed the complete
layout of Kohler including the introduction of the first
compact shelving to be used in a UW-Madison library. Bill
also expanded the book collection, adding out-of-print books
and rare scholarly texts.

The Kohler Art Library opened with 11,000 volumes and within
15 years under Bill's direction it grew to
a nationally recognized resource of 100,000 volumes.

A funeral service is scheduled for 10 a.m., Saturday, March
2, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 4011 Major Avenue.  A
memorial service will be held later this spring on the
UW-Madison campus. The Kohler also will be having a program
this fall to celebrate Bill's work in building an outstanding art
research collection for the citizens of Wisconsin.
Tracy Honn
Silver Buckle Press
236 Memorial Library
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706

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