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Re: websites/Credit card acceptance

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Recently on another list there has been much discussion about accepting
credit cards.  Two services have both been recommended PayPal
http://www.paypal.com and ProPay http://www.propay.com  Each allows you to
establish a method whereby your customers (if they are signed up in the case
of PayPal) may purchase from you over the internet in a secure transaction.
You receive a notice of the order and the money is deposited (less fees - a
percentage and a per transaction depending on the service) into the account
you have designated.

Personally, I have an established merchant account so I've opted to have a
shopping cart set up on my site.  The shopping cart simply accepts the order
and cc information then sends an e-mail message to me (with the information
encrypted for security) and I process the order just as if I received it via
my toll free phone line.  This required me to hire a web saavy person to set
up the shopping cart but since I already had the merchant account it worked
best for me.

Perhaps some of the list members who have direct experience with the
aforementioned services will share their experience.
Best Regards,
Bette Abdu
abba dabba Productions, LLC home of Innovations: A Polymer Clay video series
Visit us at http://www.abbadabbavideo.com

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