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Re: websites/Credit card acceptance

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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 7:34 AM
Subject: Re: websites/Credit card acceptance

> Recently on another list there has been much discussion about accepting
> credit cards.  Two services have both been recommended PayPal
> http://www.paypal.com and ProPay http://www.propay.com
> Perhaps some of the list members who have direct experience with
> the aforementioned services will share their experience.

Hi, I have used PayPal both for selling items and for purchasing them
myself for 2 years on a regular basis, and have had no problems at
all with them.  The sign-up process can be understandably a bit of a
process because of the verification that PayPal requires, but it does
offer a lot of security and convenience once those initial hoops are
jumped through.  My customers seem happy with it, and I as a seller
and a buyer am happy with it as well.

Provisions are made for buyers to pay either via credit card, or from a
bank account.  Sellers can have their funds issued to them either
electronically or in the form of a check (for a small fee), and the
turnaround time is prompt in my experience. You can even leave your
funds in your PayPal account and earn interest on them (currently 2.04%).

The fee involved is to my understanding comparable with any merchant
account that accepts credit cards.
(see: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/fees )

The bonus, besides the size of PayPal's operation and wide membership
of member buyers (mostly because of eBay I am sure), is that you can
get a debit card from PayPal that allows you access to your account
funds, which automatically lowers your merchant fees by about half, and
gives you easy access to the funds in your account.

This is just my experience (and my roommate's, he has used it even
more regularly than me for the same 2 year period), some other folk
may have had problems with them that I am not aware of, but I haven't
had a problem yet, and it fits my needs quite nicely, both as seller and

Hope this helps,
Michelle Souliere
Portland, ME

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