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Re: websites

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

My experience has been pretty positive using the web selling my books.

One of the real keys is that I have a very unique product, so, it is
relatively easy for people to find me.

No matter what your business, it really helps to find something -anything-
that is unique about your business. Also, try to figure out what search terms
your potential customers are likely to enter.   Using that information, make
sure to use those words both in the meta statements (embeded terms that are
intended to help search engines define a webpage) and use them, also, in the
first sentence of the homepage.

Somehow, someway get your site somewhere on the first page of the search
result and convey the basic intent of your business in the first sentence. Be
sure to get on you favorite search engine  (I like Google) and try searchs
that you think your potential customers might enter.   Look at what comes up
on the first page and figure out how they got there. Of course, there's also
a ton of info on the web about search engines.  However, most of that info is
geared towards large business and doesn't always directly apply to a small

For me, accepting Credit Cards made all the difference.  The trick was how to
do it without it being a constant monthly expense.  Like some folks have
already indicated, it's easy to spend lots of money to accept Credit Cards.
It's also possible to do it for very little. I know people using the PayPal
method and it sounds okay.   However, I set up an account with Novus and
manually process each transaction myself.

My main website is on aol, but when somebody wants to purchase a book, they
are directly linked to  Freemerchant.com (which isn't free anymore) where my
customers cc info is made available to me via a secure server.  This method
is a bit clumsy so, when I get around to it, I'll be switching over to using
Storefront 5.0 and a Storefront-enabled ISP.   Storefront hooks up with
Frontpage and gives it shopping-cart capablity.  Pretty neat. Runs about $300
for the software but it looks to me like it's the best, and least expensive,
way to go.

Hope this helps.  See my links below to see how it all works.
Dean Fletcher

75 Years of Crosman Airguns - the complete, official history of Crosman Arms
and every Crosman airgun produced from 1923 to 1999.  Purchase online at :<A
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See my repairs-webpage for contacting service shops. <A
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All books may also be purchased direct
PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks,Visa, MC, Discover accepted.
DT Fletcher
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Portland, OR 97211
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