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Re: Printers, etc.

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Hi Katie,

I just recently purchased an Epson Stylus Color 3000 (I needed to print on a
wider paper format) and while I can't comment on archival inks, I can comment
somewhat on paper textures. I also use a G4 and have only had the printer and
computer for a few weeks. So far, I've had success with any paper that I've
tried to use. However, that experience has obviously been very limited to the
project I'm working on and the short time that I've had the equipment and
thus, I haven't had an opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of
papers or materials, and certainly haven't tried cloth or other media.

My previous Epson printer, a Stylus Color 1160, fed the paper straight down
from its tray at the top rear of the printer....essentially, the paper went
straight through the printer, no rollers to curl around. The 3000 has two
options: One is an auto feeder tray at the front of the printer that pulls
the paper in, up and around a roller....essentially curling the paper around
the roller before outputting it straight back out to the same tray in the
front. It seems likely that if you had a stiff watercolor paper, etc., that
didn't have a lot of "give," the printer might not accept it from the tray.
However, you also have the option to manually feed paper from the top rear,
straight through and there is a thickness lever that you adjust according to
the thickness of material you are using. The manual actually lists paper
specifications and thicknesses and has an entire section devoted to printing
on special media. I quote, "Your Epson Stylus Color 3000 lets you print on
just about any kind of paper you want to use." And there is already a wide
variety of materials available for ink jet printers, including canvas paper,
in all different sizes.

I like the printer all around for its flexibility to meet most of the demands
that I would place on it: small custom sizes to envelopes to the widest
format of 17 inches wide and infinite length. Again, I quote, "Your printer's
versatile feeding options let you load media of almost any size or format,
including single sheets, continuous paper, and roll paper for banners and
signs. You can even load two types of paper at once, switching between them
with the flip of the paper-release lever when you're ready to print on them."
And you can adjust the tear-off positions if you're using continuous
perforated paper. The print quality is incredible (and can be customized as
well) and it doesn't take forever to print my current project: calendar pages
that are 13.5 inches x 20 inches.

I can only speak to my personal experience and needs, with limited
experimentation, but I hope this information proves helpful to your decision
making. Happy hunting!

Kindest Regards,

In a message dated 3/5/02 1:51:26 PM, knharper@FUSE.NET writes:

<< I'm looking for advice on purchasing an ink jet printer. I understand that
for longevity of inks, the Epson is the way to go (with their new generation
of printers, such as the C80 and the 2000). However, others have said that
if you are going to put odd types of paper, cloth or other media through the
printers, that HP is superior. I can't find any information on how long the
HP inks last, or if archival inks are available for other than Epson models.
I'm interested in having it all, of course: speed, good quality, large paper
size and long lasting prints. Any suggestions from other ink jet users out
there? I have a G4, if that matters.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH
513-233-9588 >>

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