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Pumpkins and Mangoes

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Recent postings about websites have prompted us to step away from fixing up
the old house at the Lake Worth Lagoon and delve once more into website
tinkerings. There are now a couple of new handmade books posted on the Red
Wagon website, and you are hereby invited to take a look. You'll also find
information there on our participation in the Edible Book Festival.

"Putting Up Mangoes," Red Wagon item #17, is the first book out of our new
Lake Worth workshop. Any gardener who has dealt with the problem of too
many tomatoes will empathize with this short humorous tale of overwhelming
subtropical abundance. Letterpress printed from handset types on papers
from the French Construction line, with a linoleum cut by Seth Thompson.
Sewn into wood-type printed paper wraps, with colored endsheets that lead
the reader into the text. This one was written by John Cutrone, who was
recently nominated for the National Book Award during an afternoon nap he
was enjoying out under a cocoanut palm. 2001. $24 postpaid to US destinations.

"The Pilgrim Pumpkin Rhyme," Red Wagon item #16, is a piece of New England
doggerel penned by an anonymous Plymouth Plantation Colonist in the late
1600s. 'Twas written in honor of the most venerable of the squashes: "We
have pumpkin at morning, We have pumpkin at noon, If it were not for
pumpkin...." This is the full-length version of the famous rhyme, together
with commentary. The broadside was printed letterpress on an antique iron
Wesel handpress in Portland, Maine, on thick, deckled English Somerset
paper in an edition of 150. Features an 1885 engraving of the French
varietal pumpkin, Rouge vif d'Etampes. 11" x 17", 1999, downright
luxurious. $25 postpaid to US destinations.

The website's got full details, pictures and book excerpts, as well as
details concerning shipments abroad. There is also a print catalog and a
very occasional email update called "The Red Wagon Dispatch." If you're
interested, please contact me off-list: <mail@redwagonpress.com>.

All good wishes.
John Cutrone
Red Wagon Bookworks
1301 North O Street
Lake Worth, Florida USA 33460


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