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Unbinding the Book (update)

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Dear Friends  - I feel I can safely call you that! I can't begin to describe
how much pleasure it gives me to go to the mailbox these days. It isn't just
the orders (though you have certainly made my month!), but the personal
notes. I have saved them all, and each of you has gone into a separate
database so that when the longer version of my book is available, you'll be
the first to know. I'm charmed, touched, delighted, intrigued (this list
certainly has a long reach) and richer - in many ways - for our association.

Yesterday, I put 41 books into the mail. I am almost caught up, though orders
keep coming in, and will mail another 20 or so sometime this week. I
appreciate getting your responses (some have even written again to tell me
how much they like the book), and your suggestions. PLEASE let me know if I
screwed up your order in any way (like you ordered two and I only sent one).
I will correct it immediately. Likewise, if there is a problem with the book
you received, let me know and I will send another. After the first few, which
I printed from my computer, every copy has been produced from the same
originals, so they should be ok. However, if yours is from the early batch
and there are words or whole sentences gone missling, please let me know.

Now that I am almost caught up, anyone who has been holding back but still
wants a copy should go ahead and send in an order. And for those who might
have missed it the first and second time around, here's the info on the book

Unbinding the Book: The Boundless Concertina, by Barbara Harman, is published
under my imprint, Paperworks. It is an accumulation of seven projects, a
short introduction and detailed instructions on how to fold a concertina. It
includes suggestions for variations on each project, and many illustrations
(created with Adobe Illustrator). A few pages scattered throughout the book
allow for personal notes. The book is currently two signatures of 5 sheets
each (40 pages), size is 8-1/2x5-1/2" and it is bound with a paper cover.
Here's the table of contents:

How to Fold an Accordion
Eight-Page Fold Book
Accordion Envelope
One and Two Signature Books
16-Page Meander
Flag Book
Carousel or Layered Star Book

Additionally, since this is a work in progress, I have a single, folded sheet
giving instructions for a Vade Mecum (not strictly an accordion book, but
definitely a fold book). While I have had for years ambitions to create a
larger version of this, the time never actually appears in which to do so.
But your interest has woken the beast again so I may have to buckle down and
get it done. In the meanwhile, the current version is $10.00 plus a $2.00
postage and handling charge. Anyone interested can send me a check at:
Barbara Harman, 3316 Harriet Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

And gee, thanks! Barbara

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