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Re: workshop ideas

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I guess the really challenging part of the recasting
Job comes when you lay down fresh crash and lay on
New end-papers.  Which leads to my question, what
Weight of paper is good for end-papers and where/who
Is a good source for them?

As for repair, I do it for a branch of the Baltimore
County Public Library, and they tell me I go into too
Much detail!  Oh to be free to do things the way they
Are supposed to be done!

Good luck Kevin, and thanks Anastasia.

All the best,

R. J. Miller

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Hi Kevin:

I teach book repair and children's book repair to librarians and library
students.  You can do a simple workshop for the participants. I will
admit, two hours does not seem like very much time but it can be done if
you have 2 two hour sessions back to back.

You can teach tipping pages, spine replacement and even repairing split
spines. That would require removal of the text block from the text case.
The key thing is having the materials in advance including samples of
damaged books.

It takes a bit of preparation, but it could be done. My workshops
usually take all day, but I did do one that was three hours long.

Anastasia Weigle
Adjunct Faculty
University of Maine in Augusta
Library and Information Technology
LIB312 Preservation and Archiving of Library Materials

Kevin Driedger wrote:
> I have been asked to teach a couple "Materials handling and book
repair" workshops to new librarians. They will be 2 hours long with
30-35 people in each of the 2 sessions.
> I would really like to give them some kind of hands-on experience
during this time. I'd like to do this because it is a better and fun way
to learn, and nobody is interested in hearing me talk for 2 hours. I am,
however, stumped over what I could have them do. Big considerations are
providing the materials for 70 people to do the task and it being simple
enough that I don't need to assist each person.
> One thought I had was to have the handouts printed as a booklet which
they could sew together.
> I'd appreciate hearing others ideas, or any sage advice on leading
this type of workshop.
> Kevin Driedger
> Lansing, Michigan

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