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Re: Scoring for signatures?

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on 3/13/02 5:17 PM, Greg at 71514.3705@COMPUSERVE.COM wrote:
>> Katie wrote:
>> Hello all. I'm doing letterpress printing of a book for a local artist. The
>> book is going to be case bound by a local bindery, with three signatures of
>> four folios. The artist has asked if I can score the paper, and I replied
>> that yes, I can. But now I'm wondering... is it ok to mechnically score
>> these pieces of paper if they are going to be mechnically sewn? Doesn't the
>> scoring weaken the paper fibres too much? The paper is domestic etch (50%
>> rag, acid free.)

> Gregor Campbell: wrote
> Scoring the paper should be just fine mechanically. I am assuming you
> will do this with letterpress rule. Adjust depth and/or pressure to
> allow for a slight score...So as not to cut through the sheets. Your
> bookbinder should be thrilled!

I agree with Gregor in so far as the scoring would not be a problem
mechanically. However, I must ask if the bindery that the book is being sent
to intends to fold the signatures or if you are scoring AND folding? If they
are folding by means of a mechanical folder then scoring should be done
inline to their folding their machine (just ask for it to be sure it is done
because t requires added machine attachment) in order to insure proper
alignment and avoid double creasing. It would be a shame to score just to
have there machines crease a sixteenth of an inch above/below (standard
variance of most modern folding machines) your nice score.

Angela N. Fisk

Angela N. Fisk
443-1 Robert-Quigley Dr
Scottsville, NY 14546

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