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Offset Printing

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I have printed several pieces commercially.

In 1999 the Monadnock Paper Mill commissioned a four color promotional
poster, ...IF IT AIN'T GOT THAT SWING! based on my artist book,
A Midsummer Night Swing! I painted four color drawings of swing dancers,
<<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/tangobook">
http://www.geocities.com/tangobook</A>>, created a mechanical on Quark
and scanned my artwork into position.
The rest was left in the capable hands of a fine printer in Pennsylvania,
Offset Impressions. I retain the artwork and all rights, of course,
received six hundred posters and was also able to
make a line of cards from the plates.

There was a twenty-five by four inch strip of the gorgeous paper Monadnock
and I used that strip to print about 1000 copies of DANCE ETIQUETTE: The
It is a three-color artist book, the first in a series, each printed in a
different technique,
which contrast Victorian dance etiquette with contemporary dances, costumes
and manners. So far I have created three, The Invitation, The Proper Shoe and
The Conversation. The second two books were printed on Gocco and in small
editions of
twenty-five. I am planning to create a boxed edition of about twenty, each
edition will
include six books.

In 1998 I created a four page accordion offset LOVE Valentine, printed two
sides on vellum.
There are delicate line drawings on the front and solids that show through in
second color on the back. Elbee Printers a fine NY offset printer with whom I
have worked since the 1960s printed 1000 for nine hundred dollars. Not
inexpensive, but it won a DESI Award,
and several of the drawings of cherubs were licensed for commercial usage.

It certainly is an easier way of producing work, but I question whether
offset is included in the Artist Book category. Since artists now create
laser printed books I suppose offset is just another reproduction technique.
I would be interested in opinions on the acceptability of this form of

Alice Simpson
<<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/tangobook">

<<"I've heard a lot about inkjet printing via this list. Naturally,
letterpress along with the partner etchings and lithographs is used as
well for the production of Book Arts projects. Does anyone out there
have any experience having their projects printed by a commercial offset
printer/publisher? I know it's quite a bit more expensive (among other
things) to go this route, but am curious if anyone has any stories about
this method of getting a project on paper....."
Thanks in advance,
Cal Smith

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