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Re: Artists' Books Subscriptions

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Kevin- I have an ephemera subscription list that I offer from my press. It's
an edition of sixty (fewer copies and it doesn't to me feel worth inking up
the press; more than that and I might reject an idea simply for being too
much work); it's pre-paid; they get three items a year; it's
fully-subscribed, so that I can tell collectors, bookdealers etc. that it's
out-of-print upon publication. The edition is numbered, and if people
resubscribe on time each year they always get the same number in the edition
so that over time it could build up to something of a collection. I keep a
waiting list, and when I send out the renewal notices I put a firm deadline
for reply, so that I know when to cut off the non-renewing members and let
in the new ones. I'm doing it partly for money (it's about 8% of my annual
income) but mostly for pushing myself to produce something on a regular
basis. I keep it cheap, so that people who couldn't/wouldn'y buy an
expensive unique book, or even a less expensive limited-edition book, can
participate. Also, the relative cheapness keeps me from self-censoring when
I'm planning a project; I don't have this weighty sense of responsibility so
I can fool around in whatever direction pleases me. Every year it goes up by
$5, so that I keep up with the various costs involved. I'd be interested to
hear how other people do it. xoxo Cory

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